Los Angeles Social Media and Search: Working Hand in Hand

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If it seems like social media and search are all anyone is talking about in marketing discussions – well, it’s because they are! A February report from digital marketing intelligence source comScore indicates that consumers are using social media and search in conjunction with one another more than ever before.

With that said, it seems logical that every social media agency and marketing company should do the same if they want to make the most of their clients’ brand awareness opportunities.

reported, “Fifty-eight percent of respondents first turned to search engines such as Google and Bing, while 24 percent visited company sites, and a mere 18 percent went to social media.”

But, “During the purchase process, 48 percent of shoppers used a combination of search and social media,” according to the study. And in the end, isn’t the purchase process what matters most?

How can companies use social media and search to increase their own brand awareness? By employing a social media agency (our Los Angeles social media firm is one of many) to help them reach this goal. Whether your brand awareness goal is quantified in sales figures, website traffic, or Facebook “likes,” it’s difficult to reach a lofty goal without the help of a social media agency.


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