Los Angeles Social Media and Google’s New Social Media Efforts

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Presumably as a reinvigoration attempt, re-appointed Google CEO Larry Page recently implemented a number of changes at the company – the most notable of which may be to elevate the importance of Google’s success in the “social sphere.” So, for those who thought that Google’s social media strategies were solid, this is perhaps a wake-up call.

Google’s Social Media “Referendum”

A leaked memo sent to all Google employees last week revealed that Page altered the company’s compensation policy, as 25% of employee bonuses will now be dictated by how well Google does with social media in 2011. In fact, even those employees not directly involved with Google’s social media strategy/products are expected to contribute, Page says. All employees are now expected to test new social products, and give feedback to the development teams.

What does testing involve? Apparently, it means trying out Google social media products on friends and family. “When we release products, try them and encourage your family and friends to do the same,” the memo reads. What kind of products, you ask? The most recent effort to improve Google’s social media is Google+1, similar to the Facebook “like” button, which allows users to recommend links to people in their networks.

For our Los Angeles social media service, this means reassurance. Yes, Google is something of an authority over a social media agency like ours; but that authority is always that continues to develop its products for optimal effectiveness. Our clients can gain confidence from this. We adjust our methods as needed, but so do the biggest names in the business – including Google.


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