Los Angeles SEO Tips for Video Production

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If your business isn’t taking advantage of online video marketing, it’s seriously missing the boat. Even small businesses are learning that online video is a valuable marketing tool in today’s small competitive environment.

Consider these tips and tools for creating effective online marketing video, from our very own Los Angeles video production team:

Don’t delay – Waiting until you have a Hollywood budget to create video clips is a mistake. Just like everything else in your business, you have to start somewhere. Remember, it’s your message that counts; so focus on that before worrying about high end video production.

Make a campaign – Research suggests that since 2010, video has accounted for 50% of all online consumer traffic. If you want your message to help you attract customers, can you afford to ignore half your audience by ignoring video? Hardly. Creating a strategic video campaign is the smart way to begin.

Go big – For some businesses, taking online video marketing to the next level means big ideas, like your own online TV show. More businesses are doing this today than ever, and it’s paying off for them. Think about it: It’s cheaper than buying airtime on traditional television stations, and can be as long or short as you like. You’re 100% in charge of the content when you launch your own online TV show.

Merge with social media – Streaming videos on your own website is important, but merging them with social media (primarily YouTube) is also an essential part of your video marketing campaign. Our Los Angeles SEO team recommends YouTube because it receives nearly half a billion visitors each month, and is the only social networking component that can offer you searchable video marketing opportunities on that level.

Ready for more small business ? Contact the Los Angeles video production team at Crest Media to inquire about online video marketing.


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