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We admire our colleagues in the SEO field; Rex Freiberger, founder of Highly Relevant, is certainly no exception. After all, Rex has consulted and executed large online marketing campaigns for Hyundai, The Ed Sullivan Show, Holabird Sports, Paramount Pictures and Sony, in addition to countless small and medium sized businesses. Recently, he spoke with Business2Community on the social media phenomenon and other aspects of the industry. We found this excerpt to be particularly interesting:

Let me preface this interview with my stated understanding of ‘social media’ by comparing it to Hollywood. Both industries are very influential on our society, sometimes for the good and sometimes the not so good. At the top, you have the superstars, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. These are the mega successful darlings of Hollywood who seemed to become famous overnight and managed to stay there. In the social media world, these superstars look like Groupon and Facebook. They inspire countless entrepreneurs to try their hand at their own internet ventures.

This is true, of course. One day, we were all living our lives contentedly, despite no knowledge of a site like Facebook. In what still feels like the blink of an eye, we morphed into social networking junkies – and even after the initial excitement wore off, most of us couldn’t imagine a life where Facebook doesn’t exist. God willing, we probably never will.

Rex Freiberger is right on point; but fortunately, his nationally recognized clients aren’t the only ones who can benefit from his insights. As a small business owner, you can become a social media expert as well. Take it from our Los Angeles social media company; anyone can win at the online marketing game. OurLos Angeles SEO clients who take advantage of all our services – particularly social media – can get ahead before they know it. Just like the sites you know and trust, you can become the site that someone can’t live without. Just ask .


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