Los Angeles SEO Consultants Note Books Are A New Search Tactic

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It seems so obvious. In fact, it will have many business owners smacking themselves over the head: If you want to get found on Google, try writing a book!

In the digital age, this advise sounds blatantly out of left field but in all honesty, the benefits can work for businesses and business owners on multiple levels, as authorship equals authoritative expertise! Historically, there was good reason few business owners would write entire books dedicated to their firm’s products and services. In the past, writing a book was often more of a status symbol that may or may not have resulted obtaining more customers. But today, the Google Books feature ensures that businesses which are cited in books have a significant advantage over those that aren’t.

Part of this has to do with social media as well. Our Los Angeles SEO specialists have found that citations (or “mentions”) of books affect these rankings when they’re in standard website text, but also when they’re made in social media status updates. Consider when you list a book you’ve read and enjoyed somewhere like your Facebook profile and it becomes easier to see how that mention could aid authors and expert contributors as authoritative sources for a given topic or line of work. Add a related business’ address and phone number, and social media agency experts say the local relevancy results may be even better. And, finally, printed books containing a business name can help Google assess the relative popularity of that business.

The funny thing is, online marketers are just now discovering the power of local citations in books. Up until now, the effectiveness of the tactic has gone virtually unnoticed. Our Pasadena SEO clients know that our firm is among these well-versed marketers, and we plan to make the most of it now that we know how to make optimal use of the technique. Other California SEO companies may or may not know about it yet, so before speaking with another company, we recommend you about this new search marketing tactic; then, contact our Los Angeles SEO office for details on how we can help you utilize it.


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