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Local search marketing, also called local optimization, is perhaps the most effective online marketing strategy being used today. By deploying tools that work to your advantage with your local prospects - tools like localized Google-based tools, Yellow Page ads, local portals and local pay per click campaigns - you can reach the prospects who live in your local area and make a name for yourself there.

Crest Media can offer you a customized combination of these tools, including:

Localized SEO - Local search engine optimization includes using geo-targeted keywords in your web content, but it actually goes much further than that. Today, Google AdWords, Google Places, and Yahoo! Local geo-targeting are tools that can take your localized SEO to the next level, attract more local prospects and give you more authority in the local market. Crest Media knows these tools inside and out, so we can help you capture the local market more quickly and more effectively than other local search marketing firms.

Yellow Page ads - This is not the Yellow Pages of your childhood. Now, YellowPages.com is mandatory for nearly any local Internet marketing campaign. If you want local prospects to find you fast, you need to be in this nationwide portal for local businesses. The new YellowPages.com offers real advertising solutions for small businesses; it's just not a "directory," but a distribution network that exposes you to 150 publisher sites. It's the way to see and be seen by the consumers who want what you have - and Crest Media can put you there.

Local portal advertising - Is there a local consumer directory for your region, or even your city? There may be. Crest Media can find out, and we can place you in those sites so that you can be found by consumers in your area. Being listed on a local portal site can also help your Google Places listing rank higher. Plus, as our local search marketing customer, you can even get positive reviews from real customers with our help! Let us find local search marketing opportunities and do the hard work for you.

Local Pay-Per-Click - Your local pay-per-click (PPC) options are practically infinite. Our local PPC clients often enjoy a substantial return on investment, and with little (if any) effort on their own part. If you want an effective local PPC campaign, look no further than Crest Media. We know your location, your market and your audience, so your PPC ads will be tailored with that knowledge in mind.

Trust Crest Media to Provide These Local Optimization Tools

It's local search marketing differences like these that can get you closer to the top of your local market. Crest Media can deliver you any of these tools in a customized local optimization package. We use these local search marketing techniques to help your website dominate the local search marketing field, which propels your business toward success in the local marketplace. To discuss a local search marketing package that meets the needs of your business, contact Crest Media today.


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