Links that are Still "Unnatural" to Google

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After Google Panda and Penguin, webmasters found that many of the links they relied on to boost their authority were being classified as “unnatural” by Google. Some SEO companies had hoped that Google’s more recently adopted manual review processes would work in their favor; unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case. In fact, some experts are finding that more links than ever are being classified as unnatural by Google. Here are some examples of those link types.

Links on Forum Posts

Even links that are included in posts on verifiably trustworthy forums are now being highlighted by Google as unnatural. Some SEO experts have even observed that this occurs in posts where nothing could be classified as “wrong,” in that there was relevant content and the links came from an established user who had posted on the same topic multiple times. It seems that forums, even those that are viewed as authoritative by their respective industries, have yet to win Google over. For this reason, linking back to one’s site on a forum is still not a good idea.

Links on Newer Blogs

When a blog is new, it has little domain authority. And when a blog is deemed to have no domain authority (for example, a score under 30 on an analytical tool’s metrics scale of 1-100), then its links may be classified as unnatural because Google has not yet given that domain enough of its trust. Once a blog becomes more established, it is less likely to have its links penalized; regardless, whoever is responsible for linking up the blog must still tread carefully. A skilled SEO company can help them navigate the waters and learn how to carefully optimize the blog with links to avoid a penalty.

Links on Blogging Networks

Blogging networks that allowed content submissions used to be a great way to get links, but now those links are increasingly being classified as unnatural links by Google. This is especially true if the site does not specifically focus on any one industry or topic. If the content is all over the place, Google will see that and penalize the irrelevance. A domain must be able to prove its relevance now, which is why a brand’s content creators must be very selective about which blogging networks they will submit content to.

There are no certainties in SEO, so it is possible that Google will ease up on its war on links in the future. But for now, linking practices must be strategically devised to avoid incurring penalties on one’s site. To speak with an SEO company that can answer your linking questions, contact the experts at Crest Media, Inc.


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