Linking Web Design and Internet Marketing Success to Human Behavior

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Everyone knows that the key to good marketing is understanding human behavior – but do those of us who market products and services actually put that theory into practice? Take note of the following examples of human behavior that makes for good marketing:

Using what we know: This year’s Superbowl commercial for the Volkswagen Beetle made an impression because of “Bolt,” the dog who got himself into shape so he could catch the new VW Beetle as it sped by his house. Why does this premise make a good car commercial? Because it takes an idea that’s common knowledge – the fact that dogs like to run – and does something unexpected with it. If you look back on your favorite commercials of all time, you’ll probably recognize that a few of the best followed the same practice. It’s certainly possible to do this with your web design, and sometimes even with your Internet marketing efforts.

Playing the nostalgia card: The culture has become coarser and less genteel, and so many people are craving nostalgia these days. This may be why “The Artist,” a black and white silent film, won the Academy Award for Best Picture. It’s been cited as one of the reasons behind the success of Adele, who won the Grammy for 2012 Album of the Year. And it’s probably the reason why companies like Folgers and Huggies run the same commercials every Christmas. Consider injecting a little nostalgia into your web design; few old pictures, a reel-to-reel style video or even a vintage design can go a long way toward making a good impression.

No copycats allowed: Sometimes, even the biggest names on the Web copy one another’s ideas and technologies. Google Plus is a good example of this, as it is said to have copied Facebook – and still, as its one year anniversary approaches, it has yet to really take off. The bottom line is that people don’t like copycats, and companies that respect that by offering up totally original web-based services are rewarded with conversions. So, rather than copying what your competitor is doing (because he is going to find out sooner or later), focus on the fundamental needs of your site’s target audience and hire a firm to create an original web design, an innovative search engine optimization strategy and an innovative Internet marketing campaign. In today’s market, he who is most original wins.


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