Las Vegas Social Media Conference: Digital World Expo this Week!

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There’s no denying print media has spent the last several years taking it on the chin. However, titans of print may enjoy a second life in the form of digital media. Some already are, and many more have jumped on the bandwagon by beefing up Web content, adding social media components and turning their websites into brands that put a fresh face on their dried up print products.

For that reason, we’re guessing there will be lots of print media publishers, journalists, advertisers and marketers present at the Digital World Expo in Las Vegas this weekend. It’s being held at the Mirage Arts Center, and it’s where attendees will learn everything from interactive marketing and media development to public relations and digital advertising strategy. This Las Vegas social media conference is for anyone who wants to fine tune their online brand.

Even small business owners are learning how to change the way they advertise and market themselves by launching websites and engaging in social media campaigns, whether on their own or with the help of an agency. We’re guessing many of our Las Vegas SEO clients will be interested in the Digital World Expo, since they understand the value of this medium in the digital age. For more information on this Las Vegas social media conference, visit .


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