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Anyone that has even a passing acquaintance with the terminology surrounding successful ecommerce enterprises will know something aboutkeywords and what they mean to the best web design in Los Angeles. It’s a well know fact that these keywords can play an integral part of any SEO strategy, and it stands to reason that keyword placement is very important if you’re interested in getting noticed by the search engines.

Crammed Copy

Still, the fact remains that these keywords and their placements are a bit of a mystery to even some seasoned professionals on the Web circuit. To that end, there are too many sites that have these targeted words and phrases crammed into the web copy. Of course the danger here is that while you can possibly get a better placement of the listing of these keywords by adopting this strategy, the resulting text is often garbled so any prospects that click on the site quickly turn away.

To get right to the point there are several areas where all the experts agree that these are best suited and these are the places that the best seo in Los Angeles will suggest. In no particular order they are:

  • First paragraph on the page and in all the pages titles
  • Header tags and all the Em tags
  • Ordered and unordered lists ( As well, it’s a good idea to bold these when you use them here)
  • Anchor tags and footer tags

Of course there are other places where the use of these keywords is essential, but the general idea was covered above. There are other questions about the placement of the keywords and one of the most obvious deals with the number of repetitions on any given page.

Making Sense

As a general rule, it’s a good idea to use as many keywords in any given page up to the point where it stops making sense. Remember that web copy crammed with keywords and their phases can wind up sounding garbled and turning clients away so you’ll want to be able to balance both the requirements to appease the search engines and the clientele. That’s the concept called keyword density and you need to keep in mind that any page that’s too dense with keywords won’t necessarily help your ranking.

Sam ‘Ernie’ Orion is a seo Los Angeles expert who has been working in the field for the last ten years. His expertise has been credited with some of the biggest advances in keyword placement and web design in Los Angeles to come along in that time.


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