Keyword Modification: The Path To Traffic

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There is always something new coming out when you’re looking to  stay ahead of the curve when it comes to search engine optimization and one of the latest new ideas has to do with keyword modification. Now it wasn’t that long ago that keyword density in the sense of how many times you were to use them in the text and that they were to used only verbatim was the law.

Now that’s changed. Keyword modification is the latest thing whereby the anchor text should still be the keyword as is, but variations are now welcomed by the search engines as ways for their spiders that crawl through the text to put the message in context.

This means that while the keywords that you use for pay per click internet advertising should be left unchanged, the other ones that are used in blogs and other forms of web copy can be changed slightly to the betterment of rankings.

Any California web promotion company will see the obvious benefit here.


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