Japan and Korea become Twitter Christmas champions | News

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The company has published of New Year's tweets. According to Twitter, the champions of tweeting were Japan and Korea. Number of tweets in New Year at midnight in Tokyo and Seoul reached 33.388 messages per second.

The second largest peak was observed when New Year reached New York. Then the rate of tweets reached 13.336 messages per second. The third was the peak of 11.675 tweets that occurred during midnight in the time zone of Bangkok/Jakarta.

The company has not told about what kind of messages have been published during the meeting in 2013, but said that “millions of people” use this service.

Record speed publications on Twitter is 327.000 tweets per minute, this rate was recorded during the re-election of US President Barack Obama. Previous record was set in Japan in December 2011, during the screening of the highly popular anime. Then figure of 25.088 tweets per second broke the previous record of 9,000, which was observed after the announcement of Beyonce's pregnancy.

Despite the global Twitter popularity, its Chinese equivalent Sina Weibo showed even higher figures. Thus, Weibo New Year's record was 729.571 messages per minute, which is 52% higher than the previous record.


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