iPhone Application Development

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No matter how many newer operating systems gain traction in the mobile market, Apple will always be the brand to beat. That means that the iPhone will always be the first device businesses should look to when starting out in app development. Here are some quick statistics* for the third quarter of 2012 that support the ongoing relevance of the iPhone:

  • iPhones accounted for 60% of all devices sold by mobile carriers Verizon and AT&T.
  • 60% of all smartphones sold on both carriers combined in Q3 were iPhones.
  • 48% of all post-paid retail handsets sold were iPhones.

So while other brands are making a name for themselves in the mobile market, the iPhone is still king. That’s why, when it comes to mobile application development, releasing an outstanding iPhone app can generate marketing buzz around your brand like nothing else. The first step to creating an iPhone app is identifying the type of app you want. The second is choosing a developer to do the work for you. Crest Media can help you with both.

iPhone Application Development from Crest Media

Crest Media provides an end-to-end, integrated process for iPhone application development. Using the iOS SDK, Apple’s own software development kit, we develop commercial iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch native applications that are user-friendly for the average consumer. Our expertise in the Mac OS X Platform, Objective C, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML and AJAX also ensure that your app will be better than the competition’s.

Whether you are a B2B or B2C business, you can offer an app tailor made to your audience demographics and preferences. From game apps to survey apps to Facebook apps and more, the possibilities are endless. Bring us your iPhone app ideas; we will aim to bring them to life. Need help with iPhone app ideas? The Crest Media iPhone application development experts can brainstorm with you until the perfect app is decided on.

An app is not only a convenient tool to offer your existing consumers; it’s also a valuable marketing tool. Tech blogs are always reviewing new apps, and yours can be one of them. Imagine the marketing potential that a great review of your app from a prominent tech blog can offer. The Crest Media app development team has the experience it takes to create engaging iPhone apps that will have influential people talking and users taking notice of your brand.

For an iPhone app that blows away the competition, contact Crest Media today. We look forward to starting a new iPhone application development project with you!

*Source: BGR.com


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