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Internet Marketing

You know that Internet marketing is an essential strategy for your success in today’s competitive climate; but what exactly does Internet marketing require of you, the business owner? It boils down to a few mandatory essential services, each of which Crest Media can deliver with proficiency.

Here’s a crash course in the primary components of Internet marketing, each of which is offered by Crest Media:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You’ve heard the buzz about search engine optimization, and it’s all true – but today, the rules are changing big time. Now, Internet marketing that targets local searches is the key to getting your business found online. This involves using strategic, geo-targeted keywords, writing compelling website text that holds the attention of visitors, and working on the back end of sites to manage links, meta descriptions, and keyword tags. As an average business owner, you’re far too busy running a full-time enterprise to worry about these details – but you definitely need someone to tackle them for you. It takes an experienced Internet marketing team working on your behalf to accomplish serious search engine optimization goals, and Crest Media can be that team.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

With pay-per-click advertising (PPC), reaching your most targeted prospects is a cinch. PPC services allow you greater control over your marketing costs, because you don’t pay until after users click on your “sponsored results” ads. And when you take advantage of PPC monitoring/reporting, measuring the success of this portion of your Internet marketing campaign is just as easy. For many business owners, PPC is their most valuable Internet marketing asset.

When it comes to local optimization, your local pay-per-click (PPC) options are numerous. At Crest Media, our clients have found that local PPC campaigns can result in a substantial return on investment (ROI). What makes this even more appealing is that PPC ads require little, if any, effort on your part.

When your trust Crest Media with your local PPC campaign, we ensure that your ads appear to the right users – users that are highly likely to click on those ads, because they are relevant prospects in your local market. This is what sets us apart from general PPC providers that don’t target local consumers. Crest Media knows your location, your market, and your audience; we can craft PPC ads that reflect this knowledge for outstanding results.

Social Media

No doubt you’ve heard about social media marketing by now; but still, it’s influence cannot be overstated. Businesses that use Facebook, Twitter, and article submission sites to market their businesses enjoy advantages such as increased exposure to an untold number of networks, unlimited creativity in brand shaping, and significantly higher search engine visibility – simply because when you’re involved in social networking, your name is “out there” more.

Crest Media clients take advantage of social media by trusting us to acquire their friends, fans and followers; authorizing us to provoke interaction with that audience through status updates, polls, and other social media correspondence; and, letting us fill the followers in on sales, promotions, and new developments. Let us help you gain the credibility only social media participation can offer.

E-mail Marketing

Another invaluable Internet marketing tool is e-mail marketing, which is the process of acquiring an e-mail address list from your customer base and using it to promote your business. Thought that e-mail marketing was a dirty word? Not anymore! Today, e-mail marketing is an acceptable format of advertising that’s used by some of the world’s best-known companies. The key is to do it correctly, ethically, and professionally. With Crest Media’s help, this can be easier than ever.

That’s because we abide by the Federal Trade Commission’s CAN-SPAM act, which ensures your e-mail marketing messages will be legitimate promotional tools. That means that we only send messages to opt-in e-mail addresses, avoid false or misleading header information, stay away from deceptive subject lines, and clearly identifying the message as an ad. When users opt out, we honor their request promptly. This is what e-mail marketing is supposed to look like.

Contact Crest Media to Learn More!

If these sound like methods that can help your business, contact us today. Crest Media is a professional Internet marketing firm with nationwide, cross-industry clientele. We will be glad to discuss any or all of these options with you during an informative Internet marketing consultation.


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