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New video from Matt Cutts, head of webspam at Google, was dedicated to internal link building and dangers lurking users of anchor links. The webmaster from Tokyo was interested in this subject and worried about how the search engine takes a link referred from one of his site to the other related topics.

Cutts said that the strategy of reference promoting works if there are no more than five sites. The same information can be found in the quality manual search from Google. Problems arise in the case if webmaster has not 5 and 50 cross-linking resources. This resembles a network of satellites, or bots, and the search engine takes this scheme negatively. In addition, Cutts recommended to avoid link to sites with frankly “weak” content, which can also be regarded as doorway pages.

Another question asked the webmaster from Los Angeles. He was interested in the influence of anchor links with exact match keywords on the website promotion. Cutts assured that with adequate use of such links it's not an issue, but if you have 5000 of links on a page with the same text on a URL – it's worth to think about the strategy.

Finally Cutts recommended to avoid abusing of standard methods of SEO-promotion but otherwise webmaster can “blame on himself.”


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