Integrate SEO and Social Media for a More Effective Website

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It’s way past time for website owners to realize that their SEO rankings are correlated to their social media activity. An effective website is one that combines SEO and social media campaigns; no matter what your business is, your SEO should be integrated with your social media activity, and vice versa. Here are some techniques to help you do it.

First, use social media for link building. Social signals (shares, likes, tweets) that emanate from a blog post or article affect that page’s ranking algorithm more than ever. Furthermore, Google+ is now integrated into Google search results and Facebook data is integrated into search results on Bing. So now, there are several ways in which social media and SEO are strongly connected to one another. What works best is writing relevant, authoritative content that represents your brand, which can be shared by people in your audience to people in your audience.

Blog commenting, free directory submissions and submitting to generic article sites are tactics that are no longer as valuable as they were a few years ago; this is one way in which Google Panda and Google Penguin have been welcome, positive changes. However, it’s also the reason that sharing your content on social media is more important than ever for your link building.

The SEO and Social Media Marketing Cycle
This marketing campaign “cycle” shows how Social Media, at first, works to support SEO efforts but then later functions as its own content platform in the overall marketing strategy to drive traffic, audience awareness and customer engagement for a given brand.

With that in mind, always ask: Does this content help my SEO and social media? This especially applies when you are writing blogs. Hopefully, you’ve been using blogging as an SEO tool for boosting your search rankings for a long time. You can do this by including your targeted keywords in your blogs on a regular basis (and making sure they sound as organic as possible). But now, blogging is also a great way to get noticed on social media – which, as we just discussed, helps you acquire more links. Writing high quality blogs that will attract the attention of people in your audience (they may be your customers, or perhaps your colleagues in the industry) is the only way to achieve this. If you aren’t a writer, that’s okay; many business owners hire an SEO and social media agency that does the blogging for them. Where can you find one? Hint: You already did!

Crest Media Internet Marketing integrates SEO and social media for businesses of all types. No matter your industry, we can offer a marketing package that gives your SEO and social media the boost they need. The result is a far more effective website for your business. To learn more, contact Crest Media today.


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