Instagram is closed for Twitter | News

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According to , popular photo service Instagram blocking the feature of viewing photos on Twitter, this information has been confirmed by Facebook, which is the owner of Instagram.

At the moment, in order to view photos, which were published through the application, the user must click on a link leading to Instagram. It was said in Twitter bog that photos won't appear in user photo gallery.

Problems with integration began this year, December 5, when Twitter users photos appear from Instagram fragmentarily.

Instagram's CEO Kevin Sistrom explained that this was done deliberately to attract users' attention to the web version.

It should also be noted that, according to All Things Digital, the social network Twitter is implementing the use of own mobile Photo Filters, which are expected by the end of 2012. Also, the company actively work on creation their own image processing system that will allow users, for example, to load images from a great resolution – 1024 × 1024 MP. What Instagram's analog we got from Twitter in the end time will tell and we can just follow the development of events.


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