In Los Angeles, Social Media and SEO are Becoming Interchangeable

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Social media and search marketing – today, the two are seemingly becoming more interchangeable all the time. If you follow internet marketing or web development, you’ve probably already heard some Los Angeles social media experts go so far as to say that “social media marketing is the new search marketing.” Whether or not that’s true, most can agree that social media is a big, big, BIG part of search engine optimization in today’s online marketing culture.

Why is that, though? First, it’s because integrating social media with SEO gives businesses another online presence. Second, and more importantly, it provides them another channel for customer interaction. Taking that one step further, it gives them the opportunity to interact with them at a more casual level. As every business owner knows, building a rapport with customers is the fastest, and most authentic, way to build trust.

Also, streamlined customer feedback chains help businesses improve their customers’ purchasing experience in a more efficient and meaningful way. Imagine the convenience in accessing near real-time reviews and other customer insights in the course of your regular daily Facebook browsing routine. The most savvy companies in nearly every industry imaginable are using this data to perpetually refine their SEO efforts, grow their website traffic and ultimately increase their conversion rates.

Finally, social media is relevant to search because Google and Bing are both referencing Facebook and Twitter to filter relevant content. In other words, social media sites are relevant to search engines – so naturally, they should be relevant to any business that wants to be found in a search engine.

For business owners who don’t have time to manage their own social media, a social media agency can help. Our Los Angeles social media and Los Angeles SEO firm specializes in both , and can proficiently manage the social media efforts of any small business.


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