Improve Your Site Structure with Google Optimization SEO

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Don’t let the ever changing landscape of the information super highway prevent you from choosing the right path in implementing a successful online business strategy. Learning how to effectively position a product or service on the World Wide Web can make or break a company. So a strong search engine ranking is critical in winning and preserving a healthy share of Internet sales.

Let E-Local Rank come to your rescue with our heavy-duty marketing techniques that deliver positive search engine rankings developed and maintained by our seasoned, tech savvy SEO team. As a first-rate e-commerce company, we can quickly get your business on the right track by harnessing the power of the Internet. If you don’t know by now how powerful search engine optimization is for small business owners, you’re losing out on thousands of new prospects per day. Don’t throw money down the drain or waste your precious time scouring the Internet, trying to be your own SEO specialist. It won’t work. You need a trained team of professionals on your side to help boost your brand power and your website positioning.

Here is how we do just that:

Google optimization SEO. Every day, billions of users let their fingers do the walking on Google’s search engine. Marketing experts consider Google the go-to search engine for all of their clients’ keyword searches. This is because Google is known for returning high quality results on the SERPS. You know if a website receives top page ranking, it is considered trustworthy and authoritative. But Google enforces strict guidelines to determine their website rankings, and it’s critical for business owners to understand this so as not to waste time on methods that are not fruitful. At E-Local Rank, we offer SEO Google optimization solutions to help you achieve top rankings. One key strategy is having an eye-catching website that is fully optimized. Our web designers can help you build a site that has:

– A well-defined title tag. A title tag is a descriptive name of a web page that is displayed in the browser window. The title tag is one of the key elements that search engines use to determine a website’s relevance so it’s imperative to choose a tag that is strong and click-worthy. By choosing a descriptive name, you can immediately brand your company for specific products that you offer. With popularity, the name of your company can become a regular search term. We’ll create an informative title tag that falls within Google’s 70-character limits.

– A sitemap. A sitemap is a hierarchical list of pages on a website that makes it accessible to visitors and search engine spiders. A site with a poor navigation structure not only turns off potential users, but makes it difficult for search engine bots to find, increasing the time it takes to index the pages and assign them a score. Our professional programmers will build an XML and HTML formatted sitemap for your site that is easy to use.

– URL structure. A well-designed web page that is attractive and easily accessible is an important component for increasing visibility. E-Local Rank web developers will create URL strings that are clean and easily indexed. An example of a poorly structured URL is An URL such as this one is short, keyword enriched and search engine friendly.

Strategic search engine marketing. If you want to reach that popular page one spot on Google search engine rankings, you have to use strategic search engine marketing, or SEM, for short. Marketing for search engines, particularly Google, is an effective online tool which focuses advertisements at customers based on their search parameters. Don’t let your business suffer by using ineffective or inferior methods. The advantage of SEM is that advertisers can target specific ads based on popular keyword searches. With our search engine marketing services, E-Local Rank can help you develop eye-catching ads and titles that include hyperlinks back to your main site. Why settle for hit or miss tactics when we can get your site PPC (Pay Per Click) ready to produce relevant traffic to your sponsored listings? Give us a call today so we can establish an ad campaign that works. 

Text link ad building services. Text link ad building is another SEM concept that pays for itself. A text link ad, sometimes referred to as a sponsorship advertisement, is a text ad on a website or blog that is hyperlinked to a specific page on another site. The blog that publishes the link receives revenue from an advertiser who is trying to drive traffic to the linked page. Text link ad building is a great way to improve your website link popularity and monetize your site. At E-Local Rank, we’ve partnered with quality websites that are willing to post one-way links on your main site for a nominal fee. Using text links effectively will yield better results for your site.

SEO Management services. Once you’ve reached the page ranking of your dreams and you’re enjoying a hefty amount of website traffic, these milestones must be maintained. At E-Local Rank, we take pride in our in-depth industry knowledge of SEO best practices, because we want to deliver results for our clients for many years. Not only will we help you launch a smart marketing campaign for Google search engines optimization, we’ll continue to oversee your site’s traffic and search engine ranking. To ensure maximum results, our team of experts can offer a comprehensive management plan for improved ranking.

So what are you waiting for? Let E-Local Rank map out a route to success for your business and watch your website traffic and sales skyrocket with our Google search optimization techniques. In addition to the services above, we also offer article marketing, link building, optimized press release writing and directory submissions services. Request a FREE CONSULTATION today from for all your online marketing needs. Send an email to [email protected] or call Toll Free 855-Go Local (855-405-6225). Let us get results for your company today!


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