Ignoring Web Page Colors Can Lead to Low Conversions

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Website optimization and design covers a myriad of options and it is easy to get lost in all the choices. Most people focus on the layout, navigation, images and content placement. These are important website elements that should not be ignored, but what about color? Did you know color is one of the most influential aspects to any type of design? It doesn’t matter if you are designing a site from scratch or if you are trying to increase conversion rates, colors play a huge part in how your visitors interact with your site.

How Can Color Help or Hurt?

Knowing the exact color schemes that persuade users to do something varies greatly simply because each person is affected differently by colors. Even though every person is affected differently, there are some common ways color affects people. This is something psychologists have been studying for years and they have compiled a wealth of information on the subject. Tapping into this information could help you with conversion rates.

Common Colors and Their Effects on Human Behavior

  • Blue is one of the most used colors in advertising today. It produces a universal soothing and calming sensation in people that can help build trust. Light blues are particularly useful in web design elements where dependability is important.
  • Black works well in its own way. It is almost always mixed in with items of high value, luxury or even power.
  • Green has become the universal color for environmentally friendly designs, or any design where nature is prominent in the message. Green can also be used to encourage money or success.
  • Yellow seems to have a mixed effect and the end result has a lot to do with the surrounding content. When used appropriately, yellow can project warmth and happiness. It is also very popular in warning signs.
  • Orange is often used in a friendly environment. It is a fun color that works well with designs geared for children.
  • Red is great for advertising sales because it can produce excitement and eagerness.

Picking Colors To Optimize Your Conversions

Color can and will have a huge impact on your conversion rates. Testing is always the best way to determine which colors influence your visitors the most. Sometimes all it takes is one simple color change to influence a person to open their wallet and buy your products or services. If you are not testing colors, then you are leaving money on the table, and putting a lot of business in the hands of the competition.


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