How Will You Measure Your SEO Success?

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It is too easy to fall into the trap of calling your SEO campaign a failure because it hasn’t yet reached some arbitrary objective. With that in mind, our Los Angeles SEO experts would like to offer a different perspective about how to measure your SEO campaign’s success. If any of the above objectives are met, even slightly, then your SEO company is definitely doing something right.

Improved Rankings

Despite Google’s best efforts to shut down our ability to track the changes in website rankings, there are still some very good tools that enable SEO companies like ours to monitor the progress of our clients’ rankings. We leverage these tools to see where sites are ranking for specific search terms, and we can track the changes over time to measure the effectiveness of any aspect of a campaign we wish.

Improved rankings are probably the most obvious metric a business can use to gauge the success of its SEO campaign; after all, moving up in search is what SEO is all about. But there are other ways to determine if your campaign is working, too. One of them is an increase in overall traffic to the website.

Expanded Site Traffic

Of all the metrics in SEO, overall site traffic is perhaps the easiest to track the progress of over time. Using tools like Google Analytics, a quality SEO company can get the numbers for traffic across the client’s entire website; it also tells them where traffic to the website comes from, and helps them determine what course the campaign should take from there. You want diverse sources of website traffic, and looking at overall site traffic can confirm if you are getting them.

However, site traffic doesn’t tell you everything about the effectiveness of your campaign. You don’t know what percentage of those visitors are actual prospects, vs. merely curious Facebook users, family and friends, or even competitors. Where overall site traffic really matters is when it leads to conversions. That brings us to the next metric that can help you measure your SEO success.

Increased Conversions

This is really the bottom line, isn’t it? Rankings are good and traffic is great, but conversions represent sales or potentials sales – and sales are why you established a website in the first place. But unless you want to, you don’t have to define conversions as actual purchases made on the website.

Other ways to define conversions are contact form submissions, visitors who reach a specific page (i.e., your most valuable product or service page), or even visitors who reach a specific engagement threshold (five minutes on the site, three page views or more, etc.). Many of our clients define conversion as a prospect calling the business after viewing the website. Whatever your conversion goal is, it can help you measure the success of your SEO campaign.

How you will measure your SEO success depends on the goals of your campaign. Talking with an SEO company that has helped clients reach all types of goals – including improved rankings, increased traffic and conversion rate optimization – is the first step towards reaching your own unique objectives. Contact our Los Angeles SEO company, Crest Media, if you would the opportunity to discuss this.


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