How-To: Social Video Marketing [w/VIDEO]

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An argument can be made that social media without content marketing, can look and feel a lot like spam. At the heart of this point, “socializing” without the benefit of anything important to say is the marketing equivalent of small talk: speaking a lot, without saying much.

With this in mind, we won’t go too far into the “what to talk about” area, as this can vary greatly from business to business and industry to industry. There is no simple magic bullet answer to the question of what a business should discuss in social networking. What can be answered more universally however, is how to start the conversation.

Video marketing is one of the most important elements of social media and content marketing, because it serves as such a useful resource in not only the social capacity, but also for SEO ranking, conversions & overall visibility.

With the rise of multiple video-sharing social platforms and applications, along with proven statistics regarding increases in traffic and time on site, resulting from video embeds on web pages and social media profiles, the benefits of social video marketing are inarguable.

From the new school approach known as content marketing, video is simply another piece to the puzzle, among other multimedia resources like infographics, podcasts, ebooks and even digital meet-ups & hangouts.

The top 4 video marketing channels include YouTube (also the second-largest search engine), Vimeo, Facebook video and UStream. If you think this is a sound marketing plan, these are the go-to places for social video marketing. Posting videos to these platforms can be further enhanced by sharing across other social platforms, as well as video embeds in your site’s blog posts.

The one caveat to this strategy, is that not understanding on which video platforms your potential audience are most densely congregated and already engaged, can negatively affect your video marketing ROI. Not every business can afford the resources to manage several video channels, and some channels simply may not include a marketable user-base that would be interested in your content. The takeaway here is do a little homework first and make a social video marketing plan that can easily scale up as your audience grows.


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