How to Make Good Content Writing Even Better

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Our Los Angeles SEO team wants to remind marketers and business owners that great content writing is essential to the impression a website will give consumers, for a wide variety of reasons. Unfortunately, most amateur content writing is, at best, just good –not great. Good content should facilitate a comprehensive understanding of a brand, its products and its services in the minds of a website’s visitors. Here are some ways to make good content writing even better:

  • Rather than brainstorming about how to bring people in, focus on creating content that makes peoplestay in. The goal of great content creation is to encourage people to stay on the page and keep reading.
  • Start with the headline. The importance of a strong headline should not be taken for granted; according to Microsoft Research, most users make their decision to stay on the page in the first 10 seconds.
  • Edit yourself, edit yourself and then edit yourself again. Most people prefer to read less, rather than more, on the service pages of business websites. Go ahead and include everything you want to in your first draft, and then slash the unnecessary “fluff” before the page goes live.
  • Write what you would like to read. By putting yourself in the user’s shoes, you can stay on track when content writing. Include the information that would matter to you if you were searching for the product or service you are marketing (and be honest with yourself about what that information is).
  • Load it up with facts. Don’t be afraid to quote experts, include statistics, cite news reports – anything that gives your business credibility and proves the point you are trying to make. It may not work in every industry, but most service provider industries have plenty of statistics available to draw from.
  • Write as if you were speaking. Reading someone’s content writing should not be like listening to a lecture; it should be more like having a conversation. Speaking in a conversational tone free from lofty industry language humanizes the business and helps people feel more comfortable supporting it.

In some industries, there is a misconception that speaking in layman’s terms is like “dumbing it down.” Nothing could be further from the truth. It’s like dressing business casual; it’s relaxed, but still professional.

In fact, writing as if you were speaking could be the #1 rule of content writing, in that all other content writing rules fall under it. After crafting your bang-up headline, just write the way you would speak to a customer in person. This helps the content to just come naturally.

For more questions on content writing, continue to explore our Los Angeles SEO blog. We have information on other aspects of content creation as well, including keywords, linking strategies and the content news cycle.


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