How To Increase Social Media Influence With Customers

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You simply can’t ignore the power of social media. It has become an integral part of marketing and brand identity, but it is one area of marketing that is not always so easy to navigate. Making the wrong moves in your social media campaign will have your followers slowly vanishing, but the right moves can and will grow your list of followers exponentially. Here are a few things your social media agency should be doing for you.

Engaging Your Followers

One of the biggest attractions of social media is the close personal aspect that it provides. Your followers don’t want just news and updates. They want to be able to contact you. They want to be able to communicate with you. Engaging your followers helps build trust.

Use Good Judgment

Your social media posts should not always be you, you, you. You should also include other respectable views from industry leaders. You don’t have to give the competition a free ride, but there is nothing wrong with mixing your own point of view with others from the industry.

Who Is Your Audience?

Being able to identify with your audience is crucial. Fine tuning your posts to more accurately address your audience will have a huge impact on your social media campaign. Talking about things that pertain to your company in general may not always get the best results. Once your followers realize you are an expert in your field, they will eagerly listen to everything you have to say. Stick to what you know and target the correct audience.

Every Social Media Platform Is Different

Each social media platform is unique and it requires its own unique voice. Both Facebook and Twitter exist because they attract different types of people and use a different style and format. Mixing them up will not only make your company look silly, but it will also help to ruin your social media reputation. If you are not sure how you should be behaving, just spend your first few days reading. You will quickly pick up on the style that works best for each platform.

Time Is Money

Learning how to control your time on social media networks can be tricky. Hours can slip by in the blink of an eye. Set certain times to interact and limit them in order to increase productivity.

Converting Social Media Influence To Business Currency

At the end of the day, the intent behind improving your brand’s social media influence among current and potential customers is still to drive new sales and strengthen existing relationships. While its not always easy for certain brands or industries to see exact value in social media marketing for sales & retention, it is there. Sometimes, it just requires the guidance from a digital marketing team who knows social media the way a brand knows its own products.


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