How To Create Evergreen Content That Keeps Customers Coming Back

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Have you ever wondered what the average lifespan of a web page is? Much of the content that is being created today will lack and strong staying power. The term evergreen comes to mind. To put it simply, evergreen content will serve a purpose for years to come. It will continue to lure readers and customers in long after it has been published, but this is one unique quality much of the content being created today lacks. Most of the content being created today will not stand the test of time. It will serve no purpose in a few days, weeks or months. In most cases, this short lifespan can be changed.

Step One – Create Content for Search Traffic

Your ultimate goal is to have as many human eyes on your content as possible, but without good search engine traffic this can be hard to come by. Your content has to do two things It must appeal to the chosen demographic of readers and it must please the all mighty search engines. If it is not showing up in search results, then it won’t be seen by human eyes who have the possibility of sharing it across every social network in existence. Your content must be evergreen for search engines!

Step Two – Understand Not All Content Can Be Evergreen

Not all content that is created has the ability to be evergreen in nature. News articles and content based solely on tech are two great examples of content that is not a good candidate for evergreen status, but this type of content can still serve a purpose later.

All content if it is good enough, can and will become historical. That means it will continue to draw traffic long after it has been published. News and tech content could easily fall into this category if it is written properly.

Step Three – Understanding What Makes for Good Evergreen Content

There are a few types of content that will always draw traffic from multiple sources and this is exactly the type of content you need powering your web pages.

Case studies are the perfect example. People love reading case studies and they continue to read them for years to come. Why do you think some of the best content creators in the world produce “case studies.” Case studies also have more power because people often link to them and cite them on their own sites. These are often presented in a PDF, report style format and they can be powerful.

Definitions, Explanations and sometimes FAQs are also excellent ways to produce evergreen content. This type of content never goes out of style as long as you have the authority to back it all up.

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How to articles and tips are also popular evergreen styles. People are always looking for good information that helps them solve a problem and readers love getting free tips! Universal problems require universal answers that can be introduced in the form of tips and how to articles.

Creating evergreen content that continues to draw traffic and create new business is easy once you understand the concept behind the creation process. These ideas, as well as more expert guidance can and will help you create evergreen content that will last the test of time.


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