How Startups Get Started with SEO

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No matter what industry a startup is part of, there is work to be done – but none of it should preclude SEO and content marketing. After all, how can customers find a new website without these in place? With that in mind, here are some SEO tips that startups can benefit from. If they work for startup customers of our SEO firm in Los Angeles, they can work for any startup.

First, get started on SEO early.

Any SEO company will tell you that for a website to be fully optimized, it could take months after SEO is implemented. So, does that mean a startup has to have a fully optimized site live on the web before the business is ready to launch? Not at all. Believe it or not, there are ways to start implementing SEO in the pre-launch phase.

Even if a startup’s content is not fully developed, one smart move would be to put together a landing page that is optimized for the primary audience the business is trying to reach during its launch. Quality SEO companies can help new startups pinpoint the right keywords to reach their most desirable customer base, and implement those keywords into landing page content that engages and informs. It may sound simplistic, but SEO has to start somewhere!

Then, keep the bottom line at the forefront of every SEO move you make.

That means to always have revenue and profit as top priorities, and allow your profit goals to guide your SEO and content marketing decisions. Who do you want to find you? Are you targeting a national, regional or local customer base? What is their demographic in terms of age and socioeconomic status, and what kind of content does that specific audience respond to?

Knowing the answers to these questions, and keeping them in mind while developing SEO-friendly content, will help any new startup be successful at their early SEO and content marketing endeavors.

Keep it going after the launch!

The time to stop implementing SEO is…never! Once the site has officially launched, that is the time to hit full throttle. One of a startup’s primary goals should be to achieve rankings that are higher than its competitors in the same space; this applies whether the business is local, regional or national. It is possible to surpass competitors in the first year, but it takes work and lots of know-how. That is another area where working with an experienced SEO company can be very valuable. For more information, contact the professionals at Crest Media, our established SEO company in Los Angeles.


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