How Google and Facebook make money – is a mystery to Americans | News

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The Search Agency conducted a which demonstrated a lack of understanding of ordinary American how Facebook and Google make money. Among the more than two thousand adult Internet users principle of Facebook profit generation realize only 54% of users, with 36% of them indicated that even poorly understood mechanism of its formation.

Concerning the business of Google 78% of respondents believe that the main income of the company is received through advertising “that runs with search results”. However, there are some of the other options. Thus, 36% of users are of the opinion that search engines sell marketers personal details (“sell users”), 20% believe that users pay for additional features of the company, while 29% believe that Google “pays annual dues for use.”

Members also interviewed for clicks on ads. 22% said they often hate advertising. Interestingly, more educated and financially secure respondents click less frequently.


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