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It's important to choose a good web host; after all, your website can only exist if it is reliably hosted. Email management is also a key service, because email is the primary internal communication system of most companies. Crest Media offers web hosting and email management so that our customers can receive all theirweb development-based services under one convenient umbrella.

Web Hosting

Crest Media can do it all, from web page hosting and small scale hosting to a business domain and multi-media services on which to stream media. When we are your host, we recommend that you evaluate the requirements of your preferred applications; we can explain the advantages of Python, Perl, PHP, Classic ASP and ASP.NET and help you determine which is best for you. Crest Media can also provide comprehensive packages that provide application development and database support with software such as Java, ColdFusion, ASP.NET, PHP and Ruby on Rails. These programs let the domain owners like you write and install your own scripts for applications that can punch up your website.

Finally, choosing Crest Media as you web host also offers a certain marketing advantage. We make sure that the website domain of your business is also a landing page for potential customers who find you in search engine results. Not every web hosting company offers that. Contact us today to inquire about web hosting services!

Email Management

Another service that Crest Media provides is email management. By managing and synchronizing your company's email addresses and incoming messages, Crest Media can conduct the site management tasks required to produce the conversion results you want. Successful email management is all about maintaining reliable channels of communication internally and externally, and we know this firsthand. To achieve this, we can even synchronize your company email accounts with your phone's SMS/text messaging functions; that way, you'll never be out of the loop!

Crest Media is also committed to processing and maintaining records of incoming emails from your website. If messages get lost or sent to the wrong addresses, that could hurt your company at some point; therefore, we perform regularly scheduled hardware maintenance, software upgrades and validity verifications of your clients' emails to make sure we never violate spam laws or compromise your company's reputation with clients because of email malfunction.

With Crest Media as your partner in web hosting or email management, you can enjoy a better functioning website and a more reliable email system. Contact us today to inquire about either of these services.


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