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How to hire SEO experts

There is no site owner who does not want to break into the first line of Yandex and Google? There are many adventurous site owners who want occupy their niche in the network at any price. There is no lack of the same adventurous optimizers that offer effective SEO services, sometimes qualitatively, sometimes - not very.

Let's talk about how to distinguish good search engine promotion company from bad, how to hire SEO experts, and along with that, what should customer do to break site into the top.

It is very difficult to find good search engine promotion company, because there is few tens of good Internet agencies in CIS, that offer SEO services  and promotion of sites, hundreds of companies that cope with the optimization at a decent level, and thousands of bad offices, that quickly take client's money and don’t worry about the results of promotion.

And if you have seriously decided to hire SEO experts and bring your site in the top, it's time to learn how to distinguish the SEO company with bad reputation from serious search engine promotion company. Price and terms of work does not figure - hacks can take the same high price as professionals, call appropriate dates and sometimes even follow them.

The thing is what the SEO company promises to you. If search engine promotion company gives 100% guarantee of getting into the top ten Yandex, do not believe even Yandex does not give such guarantees. Do not hire SEO professionals, which promise to do all "turnkey", and even with guaranteed success, never refer the SEO firm, who promise to pick up the semantic core of the site and organize the whole PR itself. Such questions can be solved only in close cooperation with the client, as they strongly influence on the campaign budget.

You can meet also very dishonest search engine promotion company that offers instant results achieved by the new now-how. Most often it is an empty promise. Anyway, if the SEO company sure that it knows mysterious tricks which are not aware of others, better say goodbye without undue delay.

A good search engine optimization company will not guarantee a runaway success, will not entice with low prices and certainly would not denigrate competitors. Be realistic and you will be able to hire SEO experts that will take your site to a proper level.

Optimization result depends not only on the SEO company, but also on the customer, on how realistic he is in setting goals. Before contacting the SEO firm to hire SEO experts, try to analyze your site: how it is convenient for users, good-looking enough, whether to modify the site structure or design. 

After design analyzing, work with the semantic core of the site - see how it is visible in search engines for various queries. After that, decide whether you want to attract a wider audience on high-demand queries or rare queries. The first option is suitable for news sources and blogs, the second – is for online stores and other commercial.

Now decide how to work with the SEO company - whether it is a long-term job, or you need an ordinary PR campaign, which will slightly raise your site in search engines.

At the same time, when you want to hire SEO professionals, decide whether you will pay for the workday or result. In the first case, you can hire a freelancer who will make a typical job for a set fee. In the second case it’s better to turn to a large search engine promotion company, which will calculate all the risks and lays them in the budget. 

So, to hire SEO experts, you must clearly understand what result you expect to get and in what ways are ready to come for it. Then interview a dozen other firms, paying attention not only on promises, but on sober calculation. And finally, when you get all the answers - just select the SEO company, which you like more.


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