“Hashtag” is the word of the year

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According to the American Dialect Society voting, “” was voted the 2012 word of the year. In online conversations, it was used almost everywhere, it helped to form social trends, popularized viral posts of all categories, from politics to culture, search tags were created.

Hashtag – is a word or phrase that serves as the determinant of message subject . The first character of any hashtag is “#”, which defines it as a hashtag.

    “Hashtag” is the word of the year

    Word-winner was chosen by voting members of the community which includes philologists, linguists, etymologists, lexicographers and other experts. Regulations determine the possible candidate words as an expression, without which American society over the last year is almost unthinkable.

    YOLO (acronym, literally – “You Only Live Once”) was nominated for this award, also – “gangnam style” (the most famous Kоrean single of from PSY), “fiscal cliff,” and several others.

    Voting is being held for the 23rd time in the history of the American Dialect Society. In 2011, won the word “occupy”, which denotes the protests, in 2010 –“app”, 2009 – “tweet”.


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