Happy New Year, 2015!

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It is a New Year, and we couldn’t be more excited to wish all of our clients and readers a very happy one! This year, it is our resolution to improve our quality of service and company-wide skillset with internet marketing and web development with every project we take on. Our goal is to end 2015 in a better place than where we’re starting, for ourselves and our clients!

This year promises to be an exciting time for internet marketing. All reports indicate that businesses of all types and sizes intend to spend more on advertising this year over last year. And with advancements in local and mobile targeting, as well as native advertising, new opportunities are abundant for any business looking to start or enhance their digital marketing.

More integration between mobile applications, social sharing tools and cutting edge design trends, 2015 will be an interesting year for web development as well. For any business who hasn’t had their sites, social properties or mobile apps updated in a year or more, there’s no time like the present to explore and take advantage of new options. To put it simply: if your web presence isn’t social-friendly, seamlessly designed for mobile and desktop devices and more contemporary looking than than the competition’s, you can count on losing business to them!

With that, we wish all of our readers and clients a very happy and prosperous New Year! There will, no doubt, be some interesting twists and turns through the upcoming year, but the best is yet to come. We look forward to the journey 2015 has in store for our company, our industry and our clients!


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