Happy New Year, 2014, From Crest Media!

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As we embark on a new year, the potential for new and exciting changes in the digital marketing and development space gives us reason to be excited, as well as anxious to report on and enact such new changes for our clients. As much as 2013 was a whirlwind of new ideas for web development and marketing alike, we anticipate 2014 to be even more accelerated and revolutionary for our field, and we couldn’t be more up for the challenge!

Our company’s “New Year’s Resolution” starts with being even more thorough and transparent with our project processes and reporting. We resolve to be more informative, descriptive and available than we already are, in sharing of new ideas and practices, reporting on client projects and campaigns, and helping to solve common issues going beyond a brand’s digital needs.

Beyond the conventional wish for everyone to simply have a “happy new year”, we wish for everyone reading this to also have a prosperous new year, resulting from the new internet marketing and web development ideas and strategies that will take shape throughout 2014. With that, we extend the wish to anyone reading this, be it clients, colleagues or partners, not only a Happy New Year, but a safe prosperous and educational one as well! We look forward to continually being an invaluable resource to both, our clients and our industry at large!


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