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If we wanted to identify the most common misunderstanding and a constant obstacle which has to deal professional optimizers, you don’t have to guess in such case - of course, misleading of potential customers is that the company should give guaranteed seo services.

Industry of search engine flooded with potential customers eager to obtain guaranteed seo services for getting search engine position, rank, etc. In this article we will discuss what is the cause of such delusion, why it still exists, what is really behind, and what we as an industry can change for the better. And whether guaranteed really exist?

I guess will not be mistaken by assuming that all of you reading this article, for once received a letter with a message like: "Registration on 30 000 search engines for only $ 9.99. Click here! ". Another type of messages you may receive, something like this:"A Place in the top 10 search engines for $ xx.xx. Guaranteed! ". Precisely this type of letter FROM «giving guarantee SEO company » create SEO industry a bad name and confuse customers by giving them the wrong idea about the nature of the industry and service. «Guaranteed SEO company» is that use similar tactics to lure customers, providing a disservice to the client and the entire industry as a whole. But these tactics, however, work. Time and time again I hear stories of someone who threw one of such companies that "guarantee" anything in the world, but its promises about guaranteed seo services are not fulfilled.

So why do all these tricks and ploys from «SEO company which makes guarantee» still work? One reason is that people still are not educated in matters of SEO work and search engines themselves generally. I doubt very much that such business practices would be effective or long existed in the industry of traditional marketing and advertising. Internet is still young and full of people and users who do not know what to believe. While the industry of search engines and search engine optimization more and more draws attention, a complete awareness of users about guaranteed SEO company (companies) will take some more time.

But it's not just spam and fake web sites that dispose seo services for guarantee everywhere, so you should not focus only on them. There are a number of seo companies which offer their clients a guaranteed seo services of rank and position when signing the contract. I wonder how many of those customers read the small print postscript or the exact text of the proposed safeguards. Some of the contracts I've seen guaranteed a 20 out of 40 key phrases, with which the company operates, in the first place of 30. One specialized SEO company has gone further, offering a place in the top 10 on all keywords, and even in the top 5. How it can be, you will ask? One of possible way " to give guarantee for seo services " in the top 10 or 5 is to use the ppc-systems.

Another way to get a good position - to work with a few key phrases that nobody is looking for, with low or absent competition, and don’t bring any traffic at all. And who benefits from such optimization? Certainly not the customer, but «SEO company that makes guarantee ».

First of all, there are no 30 000 search engines with their own databases and indexes. Even 100 do not exist. There is, in fact, about 10-12 search engines and directories that bring about 95% of all traffic. If you have a desire to see who is who in the industry of search engines, you can look at the statistics from Media Metrix.

Second, SEO company that supposes guarantee is blind and sometimes overconfident. How someone can guarantee something over which they have no complete control? Industry of search engine is in a constant state of change, respectively, SEO-industry in general and private SEO-professionals need constantly change in order to keep pace with new standards and algorithms.

Third, how can such SEO company guarantees the customer a good position in search engines when they haven’t even estimated the site and market. There are a number of different variables and components of the site that make some of them completely invisible to search engines.

Where is the solution of this problem that we face as an industry? These companies will still exist in SEO and in other industries, there's nothing you can do. But we could set standards and seo services with the high level of guarantee, which could adhere guaranteed SEO company. A serious SEO-firm should ensure optimization and their efforts. It can be argued that a comprehensive analysis and optimization will increase its visibility and position in search engine.


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