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Whether you can find guaranteed search engine optimization

guaranteed search engine optimizationGuaranteed search engine optimization currently is a very relevant question on the market. Clients want specific positions, experts of search engine optimzation try to explain that it does not matter what is your specific position. The presence of site on the first pages of search engines for several (usually very competitive and popular, but not always targeted) request to the customer sees as a panacea for all illnesses. This article is intended to some extent dispel the idea of “optimizers-shamans" who can control the search algorithms and the role of getting on the front pages on a several queries.

Many companies conducting guaranteed search engine optimization boast they can give you guarantee that your site will enter the top ten sites with the best ratings.

But the guarantee of a special place in the search results or a specific rating is not possible for several reasons:

Search servers control the situation

Search engine optimization companies can’t manage algorithms to help search engines determine ranking of sites. They evaluate factors that influence on rankings, and use techniques worked in the past to achieve better results, but if the search engine decides to change the way of ranking pages, stops the activity, change the owner, and adds / changes the sources of search results, the guaranteed SEO can’t do anything about it. But the professional in the field of web-optimization will actively monitor the general trends and rating results of its customers. In addition, special tactics to reduce negative impact on attendance and ratings of the client's site can be used, if there are any changes in search engines.

The deal is not in rating, but in the conversion

Guarantee that your site will become one of ten sites with the best ratings - it's just an attempt to guarantee results or satisfaction with them. Entering top ten on unpopular search word will not affect on overall results of web-site. In terms of return on investment, it is much more important satisfaction with the results of search engine optimzation. That is, a successful online marketing is not limited to the specific ratings.

Experienced search engine optimzation companies use a variety of ways to help their clients achieve feasible goals, for example, increased demand or sales, rather than specific ratings.

The only way to legally guarantee search engine optimzation - is program pay per click (Editor's note -contextual advertising), when the main determining factor for establishing the rating - the price per click - is controlled by the advertiser.

Really guaranteed search engine optimization

Ratings - is a way to estimate overall visibility of the site. But the rating - is just the beginning. It is equally important to track the number of unique visitors at the site, as well, the conversion, as possible.

Here is an example of guaranteed search engine optimization, which does not promise specific ratings: "We guarantee that you will be satisfied. We work closely with our clients to establish realistic goals and timetables, and use an appropriate mix of tactics. If goals were not achieved in due time, we extend the deadline for fulfilling our commitments to 30 days or offer to break our agreement, and reimburse you for any unused funds under the contract."

Concentrate on what is important

Besides performing guaranteed search engine optimization, there are other ways of evaluating campaigns on web-optimization, which should be singled out by a specialist in search engine optimzation:

  • A frank presentation of tactic. There must be no ambiguity;
  • The project plan that defines the results and deadlines;
  • Examples of ranking by phrases similar to your keyword phrase or at least, by complex phrases;
  • Clients of the company that can give recommendations;
  • Recognition in professional and business circles


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