Grow Your Small Business With These 5 Facebook Tips

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Creating a Facebook marketing strategy is only the first part of the Facebook marketing plan. You must also be able to proactively be an effective Facebook marketer. There are roughly just over 30 million active small business Facebook pages. The competition is fierce. Are you currently making the most from your Facebook page? Do you know the best ways to turn 1 eager follower into 1000 or more? Here are some creative ways to turn your Facebook page into more profit for your business.

Are You Using A Personalized Web Address?

First things first. You must have a Facebook business page. Once you have your Facebook page all setup and ready for the masses, it is time to request a personalized web address just for your Facebook page. This new personalized web address can include your business name or some other form of branding. Once you have this new personalized web address, share it on every other social media network you are a part of.

Don’t Overlook Facebook Analytics

Facebook provides you with some very powerful tools to help you analyze just how well your campaign is doing. You get the ability to track all responses in real time. Taking a magnifying glass to your campaigns and determining what is working is the best way to get repeat success. Never ignore positive results.

The Secret Facebook Tool

There is a Facebook secret weapon that very few businesses pay close attention to. The secret weapon is the Facebook Graph search. With the Graph search you can see what other pages people have liked. What good does this do you? This type of information is powerful when used correctly. Studying the Facebook Graph gives you a good way to target a new audience that might have similar interests. People with similar interests are easier to convert into sales.

The Facebook Like Button Works

Are you using a Facebook Like button on all of your content? If you are not, then you are making a huge mistake. The Facebook Like button is a powerful tool that can go viral. Facebook users have the ability to see what other Facebook users have liked. This type of curiosity can quickly spread to other users and a simple Like can go viral.

Encourage People to Like Your Page With Incentives

You wouldn’t think that it would be difficult to get a person to click that little Like button but it is. Giving Facebook users an incentive to click that Like button is the easiest way to gain followers. Be creative and give something away but only if a Facebook user likes your page.

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There are plenty of great strategies that will help your dominate Facebook. These are just a few social media marketing tips that work the best for any brand.


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