Grab New Leads With B2B Offers

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One of the more successful techniques that you can use to generate leads for your e-mail marketing San Diego campaign are the implementation of free gifts. Whether you’re planning on incorporating them into the campaign to attract the business to consumer or business to business ticket, the free gift strategy is a proven method of success in lead generation. Here are some examples of traditional B2B gift strategies.

  1. Specialized business books are one of the offers that are common. Remember that you may need to make sure that the book is specialized enough to appeal to your niche market. If you think this is a good idea, there are many ghostwriters available on the Internet who are capable of accomplishing these tasks.
  2. A free registration is another useful tool.  This works well when your site requires a fee whether it be monthly or yearly.  Free registration to opt in to ant e-mail list can be seen as a useful tool from a business standpoint.

It’s important to remember the free gifts are not the only way to generate leads with your San Diego e-mail marketing campaign.


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