Google's Other Big Mobile Update - Is Your Business Ready?

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Mobile device usage has slowly started to creep into everyday life. This slow but steady change in the way people have chosen to consume media and shop is pushing to be the mainstream and millions of people all over the planet are starting to stand up and take notice. Marketers, web designers and SEO gurus are all struggling to keep up with the always changing mobile revolution.

Google Is Watching

The massive search engine giant Google is also quietly sitting on the sidelines trying to determine the best way to please this new crowd of people who are using every Google owned service on nothing more than a mobile device. The convenience factor is definitely pushing people to use these devices more often and Google is trying to please the sudden mobile growth explosion.

Google is doing its best to stay as far ahead of the game as possible and every person involved with creating content for the Internet is watching.

Google’s Recent Surprising Changes

When Google does make a change it is pretty much always a huge surprise. Only the people working inside the search engine giant’s world know what is about to happen. The most recent change has to do with how mobile applications show up in search results.

Before the massive update hit, only installed Apps showed up in the search results. The new changes will now show search results with Apps that have NOT been installed. This new change will only happen on Android devices for the time being and Google Play Apps.

What’s the Big Deal With This Latest Change?

This change is huge for several reasons. The amount of real estate on mobile devices is far smaller than a gigantic widescreen display that is found on most modern computer systems. The smaller amount of space means fewer results per page and very few people go further than the first page or two of search results. This means less space for paid ads. Google depends on these paid ads for revenue.

Google also wants to keep shoppers using Google as a starting point. People are starting to bypass Google on mobile devices in favor of shopping outlets like Amazon. This is why Google is now showing mobile apps in the search results. This change was designed to improve a shopper’s user experience.

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Another reason for Google’s mobile update is convenience. Shoppers don’t enjoy entering credit card information on mobile devices. It is trying and cumbersome. Apps will typically store this information making it easier to make a purchase by just touching a screen. Having these Apps show up in search results makes it easier for a shopper to actually make a purchase. Happy shoppers will continue to use Google.

How Does This Affect Your Business?

If this latest change makes the shopping experience better, you can bet Google will start to implement this change on a global basis as well as Apple devices. This new change is a test and if this test passes, then you can bet SEO for mobile apps will be the next big thing. Make sure you’re answering the question: “Is my business ready for the next Google mobile update?”


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