Google opens an office in Manila, the Philippines | News

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Google continues to focus on South-East Asia, having in the Philippines. This is the fifth office in the region, including more than 600 million people. Office will be located in the capital, Manila, and its head Narciso Reyes, has 16 years of experience in marketing. Google is actively looking for staff for various positions in Manila among the local population.

    Google CEO in Southeast Asia Julian Persaud said: "This new office will allow us to better engage with our local users, partners and advertisers. Over 33 million Filipinos access the Internet regularly…and Internet use in the Philippines is set to grow exponentially. Research indicates that the number of Filipinos online will have nearly doubled by 2016."

    The official representative of the Philippines said: "We are delighted that Google has decided to set up an office in Manila. Their presence is a testament to their commitment to the Philippines. We hope that Google’s entry will encourage more local businesses to go online and tap into international markets.”

    Note that in the South-East Asia already work Google offices in Singapore, where is also the company's headquarter in the region, as well as in Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. The company also is developing a data center in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong.


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