Google loses monopoly on essential patents | News

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The focus of many news agencies last week was the case of the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) , where it was decided to resolve the situation peacefully. At the same time, another important FTC's decision was unnoticed: there was talk about using the search giant's own patents. Experts believe that this fact affect development of the industry.

The agreement, signed by Google and the FTC, includes some changes to the mechanisms of earnings on the search. Thus, the corporation is limited in lawsuits to companies using basic patents which belong to Google.

Earlier Google bought several portfolio technology patents owned by Motorola Mobility. They are fundamental, because it uses as a base set of technologies of the modern world. Among them – Wi-Fi, the third generation of mobile networks, streaming video on mobile phones, etc. The owner of such patents may not prevent other producers and obliged by law to provide them with the necessary licenses. However, Google demanded payment for the sale of Apple devices for iOS, threatening an injunction. Similar threats came to Microsoft.


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