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Used on Tablet PCs Google will be available to users of desktop systems.

Previously, Google Image Search is a multistage process in which, after entering the query asked users to multiple thumbnails of suitable images, from which he chooses the right:

        To see a larger image, you need to click on it – it will open up a special page with a picture and its site on the background.

        The updated version shows full-sized image in the center of the screen and all the thumbnails are on the side. This achieves the highest speed of displaying photos and reduces the number of clicks required to get the desired image. In addition, the user doesn't have to close the tabs with photos.

        However, this update may reduce the number of visits to the site owners, whose traffic is partly dependent on the users who came to search for pictures. Google has provided this opportunity and made clickable names of the sites that host pictures. Also interface is enlarged with the button “visit the page image is hosted on. As a result, a new Google image search has as much as 4 links instead of two, offering to go to the site. According to the developers, and number of clicks to the site in the updated search only grew.

        Now search updates is loaded on the server of the company and a few days will be available to all users.


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