Google has blocked 67% more advertising than a year ago | News

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Google announced this week in a post that the company has 224 million illegal ads for 2012. This is 67% more than in 2011.

2012 figures show that the number of scammers is not diminished, but on the other hand, the number of banned advertisers increased compared to 2011 only by 8%. A year ago the figure was 70%. These data suggest that the efforts of Google bearing fruit and that the number of scammers in Adwords is not so great, how it was before.

Last year, Google announced the changes made to the system of detection and become more transparent to talk about what efforts the Adwords' team take to block scamming.

Ad deviation is also for reasons such as syntax errors or advertising of controversial topics such as “knives” or “free medicine.” Given that increases every year by itself online, involving more and more business areas in search advertising, it can be assumed that the number of rejected ads will grow just as the number of ads in whole.


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