Google does not punish for hidden content under JavaScript / AJAX | News

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In the latest video for webmasters Google's team lead against search spam Matt Cutts   about hidden text  under the pop-up menu in JavaScript / AJAX. Cutts explained that such a practice is generally acceptable within the Google guidelines for webmasters. Such techniques can be dangerous for the site only if they are used for spamming.

According to Cutts, the use of pop-up content-sections is quite common on the Internet and uses including major online stores or online media to pages with large amounts of content do not deter users.

There are quite noble reasons to use pop-up content-sections, but if it is done in order to hide some content from the search engine, only in this case it is considered a violation of guidelines for webmasters. In other cases, the sites will not be affected. As a considerable example of this technology Cutts leads the mobile version of Wikipedia, which, as can be seen from the screenshot, is possible to read the whole article after clicking on one of the buttons.


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