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The sudden closure of the useful service Google Reader made many to think about what other products corporations face the same unenviable fate.

Researchers from say during all the time Google shutdown about 35% of its services. Collected and analyzed statistics on 350 Google products. It turned out that Google services were closed in common: most of them were not a part of the transaction (purchase of services), they do not generate revenue, they were not associated with social networks and most of them have been started many years ago.

The number of Google shutdowns per year

Of course, there are exceptions. For example, Google Affiliate Network was a part of the advertising platform DoubleClick (2007), taken by Google, and even generate revenue but, obviously, it did not meet the expectations of the corporation.

The researchers also suggested that among the services that can be closed in the future may be Cloud Messaging and Correlate. At the same time, Google search can be closed itself, Google Translate, AdWords, Picasa, Groups, Image Search, News, Books, Toolbar and AdSense.

According to researchers observation the decision of Google CEO Larry Page to shutdown the services could affect advice of Apple's CEO Steve Jobs. On this case, the exchange of experience is told in a biographical book, “Steve Jobs”, its author is an American journalist Walter Isaacson. According to him, Jobs advised Page to focus on five main products of the company.


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