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Google confirmed that the conversion data imported from Google Analytics into AdWords – incorrect. The reason is a bug. Errors are reported at WebmasterWorld forum and since January 6.

A Google spokesperson said this, that in recent years there was a technical failure in the service, which affected a number of advertisers who have imported “goals” related to the actions of Google Analytics into AdWords, such as page depth or time on site.

Advertisers that import purposes related to URL-address, in AdWords, were not affected by this bug. According to Googlers, now the company is working on a solution to this problem and will try to provide new comments in the nearest future.

A representative of the company confirmed that advertisers who use smart pricing tools on a “purpose” for user involvement, also could suffer. As a result, advertisers are able to get lower rates and a decrease in traffic, because AdWords will not receive the information that the conversion took place.

Until the error is corrected, some marketers offer the affected advertisers change their CPA-campaigns (pay per action) to CPC (pay per click). The very same company did not give an exact time when the problem can be resolved.


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