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According to the official blog, Google Analytics, in the next few weeks, the service is going to launch an .

The main objective of innovation – to make the job with Admin panel fast and efficient. Following this goal, the new home page now contains all the main tabs needed to manage statistics on the site:

All the custom items are now organized into three columns with the pull-down menu: “Account”, “Rroperties”, (“Views”; earlier this tab called “Rrofiles”). With this update administrator can change the name of the resource, profile by default, the main site address and other settings by clicking on an item in the drop down menu.

In addition, all information and supporting content has been updated and combined in a special tab “Help”, and the user of Google Analytics will always be able to find it in the upper right corner of the page.

To fully appreciate the difference, representatives of Google Analytics offers one more time look at the old version of the Admin service:

For example, the updated admin panel allows you to change the settings of the resource just with the one click and before to go to the settings page of the resource you needed to click at least three times.  


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