From Want and Need to Loyal Paying Customer

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We all use the Internet and search on a regular basis but very few of us try to understand how and why a person moves from searching for something to actually completing a purchase. How does a lead turn into a paying customer? Understanding this process can and will help any business that has any type of Internet presence make more sales. Here is the science behind this often overlooked conversions concept.

Phase One – The Want or Need

The first step to this process starts with a person wanting or needing something. For this example let’s say Brett’s car just broke down. He can’t get to work without a vehicle so his recent breakdown causes a very obvious problem that he must fix.

Brett heads to the Internet using his fancy little mobile device in search of a local auto repair company. He needs this service. Because of his urgency, Brett simply looks over the first 3-4 search results that appear on his mobile device, one of which is an ad.

This example tells you two very important things. One, Brett is using a mobile device so your website had better be mobile friendly and two, your website could be one of those results in the form of a paid ad. Paid ads give any company the ability to show up first in the search results and garner greater awareness among prospective customers.

Phase Two – The Click Through

At this point in time, Brett has chosen to click on the first result. The first result slowly loads on his mobile device with an unresponsive design that was created five years ago. Brett can’t easily navigate this site on his mobile phone. He fumbles through the tiny text in search of a phone number and finally his frustration gets the best of him. He leaves the site and returns to his search results.

The second result is the next in line and low and behold this new choice appears on the screen of his mobile device in the blink of an eye. The professional, clean design alleviates some of his frustration and starts to make him feel better about his second choice. The location, hours of operation and services are all laid out in front of his eyes in an easy to read manner. The phone number is also in plain sight. Between design, ease of access and informative content, the second result is easily more appealing to Brett.

Phase Three – The Point of Contact

A simple tap on the screen of his mobile device connects him to the automotive service center where he is greeted by a friendly employee who offers Brett a price quote and gathers his contact information. Brett is now a lead, a lead that can very easily be turned into a customer with just a simple follow up.

Brett is not a simple one time customer. With the right treatment he will return every single time he needs automotive work, and the repair shop has just acquired a lifelong customer. He might even start recommending his newly found automotive repair center to friends and relatives.

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The follow up is the important part and many businesses will lose this valuable lead because they don’t follow through. This simple yet common process is how most people wind up becoming a paying customer in our modern world. Make sure your business is there and ready to convert those leads!


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