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Growing your online business based in Fresno requires having a solid marketing plan, one that focuses on Fresno SEO. Crest Media has the expertise you need to get your website seen by customers. We bring a complete marketing package to the table, covering everything from SEO in Fresno, social media, video production and more.

In order to have a successful online business, you need to be on the first page of all search engines. In order to do that, you need an effective marketing plan to increase your ranking. It is one thing to place specific SEO keywords throughout the website and hope that it will get picked up by the search engines. It is an entirely different thing to strategize, build and optimize the website so that it goes straight to number one.

Using all of the SEO Tools at our Disposal

We use a multi-faceted internet marketing approach to make a website stand out. An online business needs to utilize everything at their disposal to attract viewers that turn into customers. The first step in search engine optimization is to analyze the site and research the keywords. As an example, using a Fresno SEO strategy will target customers in this area, bringing in a local customer base. But keywords are simply the beginning.

On the Internet, content is king. Poorly written articles will never hold the interest of the viewer. A potential customer wants to read concise and scannable information. Optimizing the content in a manner that keeps the viewer on the page leads them towards a sale. Our team will write optimized content with the information that you provide.

Social media is here to stay, and we know how to make it work for your business. Customers can opt in to your wall or tweets and keep up with the latest news. Utilizing social media keeps you and your customers in touch with each other without a lot of effort. We develop a strategy for you to keep the lines of communication open.

There are more approaches that are involved in building and branding your online business. And there are right ways and wrong ways to do this. The wrong ways, also known as "Black Hat" SEO will sink your page ratings. Never will we engage in "Black Hat" practices. Our Fresno-based SEO methods get your website ranking organically and never run any risk of being sunk for deceptive practices.


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