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Today, the market of optimization is full of different search engine companies. In this article we will talk about main factors you should pay attention when you try to find SEO company.

The first thing - Customer references about SEO companys.

There are many resources in the network that can help you to find SEO company where you can read about experiences of customers working with search engine companies. One of the most popular projects - is “” It combines the ranking of SEO companys and catalog of references. In fairness, we must note that the reality of many responses is under a big question. But after literate filtering of frank self-advertisements of SEO companies and "black PR" from competitors, it is possible to find really useful information. 

Often search engine companies practice publication on the website feedback and thanks letters from satisfied customers. If there is doubt about the authenticity - it is better to contact with recommender and ask on the quality of SEO companies services. In addition, in a person you can get a more objective review. The situation with portfolio is similar. As they say, trust but verify! If you find SEO company you should know that some of the young search engine companies like to ascribe to themselves the virtual non-existent customers.

The second thing you should pay attention when you try to find SEO company is site attendance of SEO companys.

Even among the sites of companies that occupy fairly high positions in various rankings come across resources with very low or even zero attendance. Of course, competition in the sphere of services for promoting websites is very high, but such a situation, in any case, should at least alert. Shoemaker without shoes! Assess an attendance over counter is not always possible because many SEO companies close it or simply do not add to site. In this situation, you can view the SEO companys position on the target request, "website promotion», «SEO», « search engine companies ", etc. In general, look at the place of   SEO companies in search results in any case. The numbers on the counter is easy to wound by promoting on improper requests.

Checking on honesty is a third method to find SEO company

Ask your SEO companies to make a list of requests to promote your site. Many search engine companies promise to increase sales, help in business development, personal approach, but worry only about your budget. If you receive a list consisting of a popular high frequency, but completely not selling requests on your subject matter - a conclusion suggests itself. 

The cost is the fourth method to find search engine optimization company

When you have identified several candidates, you can ask them to calculate the approximate cost of promotion on interest searching queries. SEO companys use the same, all known methods of promotion, but the price of services at the same time can vary significantly. If you want to find SEO company, we can advise you to use various online services for budget evaluation of campaign. Exact figures you will not see, but you can get at least some information about the cost of promotion.


To date, the minimum term for promotion of requests in medium competitive and highly competitive subjects is 4-5 months. Not every customer will wait so long and pay only for the probable result. One way out from such situation is offering the customer contextual advertising, which will compensate the lack of search engine traffic before results of SEO activity. But this solution is not for all. In some subjects the cost per click is too high to pay off the cost of attracting customers.

The optimal solution for the customer is to look for SEO companys that offer a compromise solution. Some search engine optimization companies offer customers to pay only the cost of works and the link budget, and the bonus will be paid based on the results. This approach is the best for both parties, but disputes can arise on the basis of methods of calculating labor costs and the budget of links.


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