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Speaking at the conference “Future of Media” in Stanford, David Fischer, Facebook vice president of business, acknowledged that auto advertising videos may cause dissatisfaction of users, but added that there are that can help organize improvement of advertising.

    Mention has grown into debate, then raised by Lashinsky Adam, senior editor of Fortune. He explained that the video advertising as such exists on Facebook. Companies can post videos on the home page and pay some fees, so they were shown the greatest possible number of users. However, these videos don't run themselves. Business asks more and more opportunities to place commercials that attract attention, also located close to the main page, and not just on timeline.

    David noted he likes the implementation of advertising on Youtube – a user is watching a short commercial before starting the video. Advertising can not be skipped less than in five seconds. To the question whether Facebook will post on the main page automatic commercials, David said he would not rule it and believes in the existence of options that would satisfy everyone – users and advertisers. Once they get to this concept, he promised, and then there will be the possibility to see the ads.


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