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Inside Facebook blog has published a very interesting information: in the last days, some advertisers have found in Facebook Ads Manager panel a new metric, “”. In turn, representatives of Facebook said that metric was displayed accidentally due to a programming error, and now it is removed.

Thus, according to an independent marketing consultant Jon Loomer, a new metric may soon appear in Ads Manager panel. A description sufficient to indicate that the metric will display the number of visitors who turned to the resource within 24 hours after ad presentation or Sponsored Story on Facebook timeline. And in case someone clicks on your ad, metric data will be available to advertisers within 28 days. Most likely, the metric will be available to those who advertise on Facebook page, event or application.

Note also that in order to run the metric can be an additional way for advertisers to track conversion income. Another use of the metric – it's tracking clicks, conversions, the number of downloads of applications, etc. In other words, the metric could help advertisers significantly improve effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Recall also that the recently Facebook has focused on the development and implementation of new advertising models. In addition, March 1, 2013 Facebook has officially announced the purchase of advertising service Microsoft Atlas.


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